Alison's story

My first time at BiCon.

BiCon 2005 was actually the first time I'd attended the event, and I was already on the organising team for the 2006 event, so I was excited. However, I'd been having a rough time in the days leading up to BiCon, and when I arrived on the Thursday evening I felt apprehensive. It seemed that everybody already knew each other and wanted to spend the first night catching up. I was (as usual) bad tempered and tired, and just wanted to go to bed.

The following morning, I still felt down and was seriously considering leaving. Fortunately, I knew people from my local bi group and had people to talk to, but I was also approached by a member of the 2005 organising team who had a counselling role and who made the time to chat to me. Talking to him really helped. He reassured me that many people feel the same way during their first day at BiCon, and that the only way I would start to feel more at home was to attend some sessions.

One thing I quickly realised was that I was putting too much pressure on myself. On the first night I had gone through the programme timetable and circled all the workshops and events which I thought looked good, and I felt that I had to attend as much as possible in order to feel like I was making the most of the weekend. However, friends and counsellors quickly convinced me that I should look on the event as a holiday – a chance to relax in an unusually bi-friendly environment.

As soon as the pressure lifted I was able to enjoy myself. I attended sessions on bi politics, Japanese bondage, commitment and the language of bisexuality, as well as taking part in quizzes, speed dating and karaoke.

Attending BiCon gave me a new perspective on the British bisexual community, as well as an opportunity to meet new people. I'd recommend it to anyone who identifies as bisexual or who thinks they may be.