Helping Hand / pre-registration discounts available online

Those who are entitled to a discount due to Helping Hand Fund, or pre-registering at BiCon 2005, are now able to book online.

We've just updated the online booking system to allow the use of 'discount codes'. This will allow those who are entitled to a discount from current prices for any reason to book online.

Those who pre-registered at BiCon 2005, and are therefore entitled to 'Early Bird' prices, can obtain a discount code by emailing bookings@deleted and requesting one. Please make sure you give us enough information to trace your pre-registration form. The discount code you are given will also deduct the £5 you paid at BiCon 2005 – so if you want to donate that £5 to the Helping Hand Fund, please just add a £5 donation to your booking form when you submit it.

Those who have been offered assistance under the Helping Hand Fund, please email helpinghand@deleted and let us know that you want to register online. We'll email you back a discount code.

Any questions or problems with the online system, please let us know at bookings@deleted