Meet the BiCon 2006 team

Here's the BiCon 2006 team, with a rough idea of primary responsibilities.

David – Event Coordinator
Calum – Event Coordinator, Website (Technical)
Alison – Event Coordinator, Communications, Volunteer Coordination
Essbee – Venue (including Accessibility), Registration, Creche
Puzzle – Workshops, Helping Hand Fund
SurrealT – Finance
Gerry – Plenaries, Counselling, Entertainments
John – Graphic Design

Click our names for a little more information about us.

Helping out

We have a policy of inclusion, of involving anyone from the wider BiCon community who wants to help, to whatever extent they can contribute. So, if you'd like to help, let us know. We will certainly need additional help, especially as BiCon 2006 gets closer.

Contacting us

If you need to contact the BiCon 2006 team, the best way is via email:

Registration: bookings@deleted
Workshops: workshops@deleted
Helping Hand: helpinghand@deleted

Or you can email the team in general at team@deleted, and this will be passed on to the right person to deal with your enquiry.

Or write to us at BiCon 2006, c/o Glasgow LGBT Centre, 11 Dixon Street, Glasgow G1 4AL.

Team Diary

A diary of what the team are doing is being kept here: Team Diary