BiCon Handbook: contents now online

Lots of useful information added to the website!

We have been working very hard in the last week to gather together all the information we think attendees might need before coming to BiCon, and the BiCon Handbook is just about ready to go to print.

We hope to get this booklet out to attendees very soon (a large print version will be available in the Downloads section of this site – hard copies on request). In the meantime, we thought it would be useful to get the remaining information onto the website.

With this in mind, we have added two new items to the FAQ:

  • Information about the evening entertainments
  • A list of things you might like to bring with you.

We've also added a 'Useful Information' folder. In here you will find:

  • The BiCon Code of Conduct
  • A guide to finding your feet at BiCon
  • A guide to finding help at BiCon
  • A little bit about BiCon's history.

Much of this information has been written by previous BiCon organisers, in particular Jennifer Moore. Many thanks to everyone involved for their work and for their permission to use this text.