A wonderful BiCon in Worcester!

The BiCon 2006 team had a great time at BiCon 2005. We gave those attending a chance to pre-register, and booked 37 people, not including our own team!

Most of the BiCon 2006 organisers were at this year's BiCon in Worcester. For some of us it was the first BiCon, some the second, and some are old hands. For all of us, it was a great event – the 2005 team put in a huge effort to make the event a success, for first-timers and old-hands alike.

Thank you to everyone who talked to us at the event – we got a lot of great input from the 2005 and 2004 teams, and others who have run BiCon's before – but even more than that, we got a lot of great input from the many people who came up to team members and shared their thoughts and experiences of BiCon past and present. We're still digesting all the input, but we want you all to know how very much it was appreciated, and that we're taking all the feedback into account in designing next years BiCon.

Thanks also to those who offered to help at the 2006 event, in any capacity. It's a bit early to set up volunteer lists yet, but we're not going to forget who you are.

We made an offer to those attending to pay £5 to pre-register for BiCon, in order to guarantee themselves the "Early Bird" rate. 37 people took up that offer, not including the 2006 team. We think this is a strong sign of a big, well-attended, exciting, BiCon next year!

P.S. Thanks also to the unknown person who said "the girls on the BiCon 2006 team are hot!" – but we want to know why the male half of the team is not similarly appreciated!