Workshops Directory

A full list of workshops, unsorted.

BDSM Show and tell
    Bring your outfits, toys and stories

Bi Publicity
    Would you like to be a face of the bi movement?

Drag Kings
    I would love to know more about this subject, a how to…

First Aid in SM
    Tried and tested tips for reducing bruising, general discussion on after care, use of herbal remedies

Five+ Love Languages
    Learn what category you, your spouse, significant others, friends and loved ones identify with, and how you can use this information to communicate more effectively.

Flash Mob Bisexual Snog-In
    We'll be meeting up on the campus, discussing how best to Snog in Flash Mob.

Flirt Blind
    Help us read the signals, and give out our own.

Good Pain
    Many people sometimes enjoy pain in a sensual / sexual experience.

How bisexuals are seen?
    How bisexuals are seen/labels/biphobia etc

How the other half lives
    I grew up as a boy and live as a man and I sometimes wonder what women's conversations are like when there aren't men around.

Identities, Relationships & Politics
    Topics include: negotiating (non) monogamy, the complexities of desire, identity policing and resistance, anarchism vs representative democracy and more more!

Intersexuality and Bisexuality
    In this workshop, we will discuss what intersexuality is, the major forms it can take, how it relates (or doesn't) to transsexuality, and what this means for definitions of bisexuality

    It would be brilliant to get together and enjoy our collective talent

Just A Bisexual Minute
    This is the one that was run by Jenni some BiCons ago

Multi-Faith Worship
    This will be a quiet session suited for people who attend organised worship as much as those who avoid it

Make your own bisexual
    What do you think a bisexual looks like? A fun, flippant and fluffy arts and crafts workshop where you'll get the chance to make your very own bisexual

    I'm picturing more of an ad-hoc thing, whenever people fancy getting together somewhere for a jam.

Nipple Tassels
    Ever wanted to get the chance to be a sexy beau shaking your thang? Well here's your chance!

Relationship Workshop
    Run by Dr Meg at previous BiCons

Sexuality and Identity
    In this workshop we will consider the ways in which we identify ourselves and how much sexuality is part of our identity.

Sign Language (deaf awareness) Workshop & Social
    Introduction to British Sign Language and the variations used within the UK.

Student bisexuals
    Only bi in your LGBT group? Sick of all the greedy bi jokes on your course? Or maybe you're having a great time at uni in all your bi-pride

Weird and wacky clothing
    I'd like to go to a session where people share their tips and ideas