I'm Gerry, veteran of Manchester 2004 – the one with the Starfleet outfit, or the pint of cider, or as my friends from Brasil or Serbia say, the guy that sounds like Shrek with the poise of the gingerbread man!

About me… notorious for love of drama, karaoke, films, tv and being different from everyone else. I'm 22+ (in hexadecimal) and a lover of all things sci-fi or cult tv or film. Even been known to go fishing…

Discovered bisexuality due to the video of The Lion Sleeps Tonight… (get me drunk and I'll tell you the story).

Famed for quoting Doctor Who amongst others, adding weird quotes to email and count as pleasures, having seen Jimmy Somerville, Tom Robinson, the Pet Shop Boys, Savage Garden, Darren Hayes and in April 2006, Ricky Martin in concert.

What else… well, I'm supportive of most minorities, the oppressed and if there is anything I hate more in the universe… it's a bully!

My remits for BiCon 2006 are Entertainments, Counselling and Plenaries so look for the guy with… well, you'll know me!

Take care muchachos.

PS: Knowledgeable in many things already but never afraid of any kind of new challenge – learning Spanish and Portuguese.

PPS: The words "you wouldn't dare…" are a challenge.