Hello 🙂

I went to my first BiCon in 2004. I wrote the following on my return, as you can see I was blown away…

"To be in an environment that all lifestyle choices were accepted, all individuals regardless of gender or sexuality are seen as the norm, that no disability is a barrier, people's spiritual beliefs are valued… I can go on and on here. The most important word here is acceptance. I am just so very glad I found this place, and there are individuals out there that are not narrow minded to cast judgements on people's choices, scorn or disapprove people's lifestyles. People who are are open minded enough to ask questions, to learn from others, even if it is not something they personally are interested. That's BiCon."

After such a wonderful experience I volunteered to help run BiCon 2006 – in particular the coordination of the Workshops, an integral part of the weekend experience, and in the administration of the Helping Hand Fund.

If you have any suggestions/questions for this area, ways that workshops can run, something you feel I should know about it please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ohhh and gifts of chocolate are most welcome. 😉


Email: Puzzle@deleted