'Early Bird' discount has expired

The 'Early Bird' discount has expired, and prices have now been increased.

The 'Early Bird' discount expired on 31st May, and prices have now been increased by 5% for bands A and B, and by 10% for other income bands. We have kept the accommodation element of the price the same, and have not increased the price of One Day Passes.

We'll honour bookings at the 'Early Bird' price if they're in the post, of course, and those who have already applied for the Helping Hand Fund, pre-registered at BiCon 2005, or arranged payment by instalments will have the prices held at the 'Early Bird' rate.

If you want to book online, and are entitled to pay at the 'Early Bird' rate, or to Helping Hand Fund assistance – please wait a few more days. We're implementing a discount code system that will allow these options.