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BiCon Handbook: contents now online

Lots of useful information added to the website!

We have been working very hard in the last week to gather together all the information we think attendees might need before coming to BiCon, and the BiCon Handbook is just about ready to go to print.

We hope to get this booklet out to attendees very soon (a large print version will be available in the Downloads section of this site – hard copies on request). In the meantime, we thought it would be useful to get the remaining information onto the website.

With this in mind, we have added two new items to the FAQ:

  • Information about the evening entertainments
  • A list of things you might like to bring with you.

We've also added a 'Useful Information' folder. In here you will find:

  • The BiCon Code of Conduct
  • A guide to finding your feet at BiCon
  • A guide to finding help at BiCon
  • A little bit about BiCon's history.

Much of this information has been written by previous BiCon organisers, in particular Jennifer Moore. Many thanks to everyone involved for their work and for their permission to use this text.

Calling all potential workshop facilitators

For those who have not indicated an interest in running a workshop, it's not too late!

I have written to many who have indicated an interest in facilitating workshops at BiCon this year, asking that you write a blurb about your workshop, your bio, time slot etc.

Many of you have submitted this information, although I am still waiting for information from many others.

At the moment I am collating this information with the hope of putting together a timetable of workshops before the event, so that facilitators have time to prepare, and to know when their slot will be.

Time is ticking, and the closer we get to the event, without that information, the more likely it will be that I will not be able to guarantee your preference for time slot.

So let's be having them. 🙂

For those who have not indicated an interest in running a workshop, it's not too late! Write down your idea, a short bio and send them off to me at workshops@deleted

Helping Hand Fund applicants

Calling all Helping Hand Fund applicants!

Can those applicants who have applied to the Helping Hand Fund and have a response about their entitlement please respond to the email that was sent out on 5th June.

I need to know as soon as possible if you wish to take up help from the Fund. It is important that we are able to help as many people as possible attend BiCon. As you may be aware, there is only a limited budget for doing this. If you do not need the money then someone else will.


Confirmation of crèche spaces required

If you will be using the crèche please read this.

I've emailed people who have stated they'd like crèche space. If you have not received this email please contact me at bookings@deleted (or by post at BiCon 2006, c/o Glasgow LGBT Centre, 11 Dixon Street, Glasgow G1 4AL) and let me know the ages of your child or children and how many crèche spaces you require.

We need this information to ensure the crèche is staffed suitably and there are adequate facilities.


'Early Bird' discount has expired

The 'Early Bird' discount has expired, and prices have now been increased.

The 'Early Bird' discount expired on 31st May, and prices have now been increased by 5% for bands A and B, and by 10% for other income bands. We have kept the accommodation element of the price the same, and have not increased the price of One Day Passes.

We'll honour bookings at the 'Early Bird' price if they're in the post, of course, and those who have already applied for the Helping Hand Fund, pre-registered at BiCon 2005, or arranged payment by instalments will have the prices held at the 'Early Bird' rate.

If you want to book online, and are entitled to pay at the 'Early Bird' rate, or to Helping Hand Fund assistance – please wait a few more days. We're implementing a discount code system that will allow these options.

Bookings and crèche

A note on booking confirmations and the availability of a crèche facility.

Whenever I receive a booking by post I always send a confirmation that we have received it. If you've sent a booking and not received a confirmation can you please email me at bookings@deleted, or write to us at BiCon 2006, c/o Glasgow LGBT Centre, 11 Dixon Street, Glasgow, G1 4AL. Some emails I've sent have bounced so I'd like to check if anyone hasn't received confirmation to ensure we are not missing any bookings.

I'm also looking into operating the crèche at this year's BiCon. Can I please ask that those who will be attending this year and wishing to use crèche facilities contact me at bookings@deleted whether you've already booked or are about to? This is so we can look into the cost of the crèche to determine whether it's going to be possible to run it.


Helping Hand / pre-registration discounts available online

Those who are entitled to a discount due to Helping Hand Fund, or pre-registering at BiCon 2005, are now able to book online.

We've just updated the online booking system to allow the use of 'discount codes'. This will allow those who are entitled to a discount from current prices for any reason to book online.

Those who pre-registered at BiCon 2005, and are therefore entitled to 'Early Bird' prices, can obtain a discount code by emailing bookings@deleted and requesting one. Please make sure you give us enough information to trace your pre-registration form. The discount code you are given will also deduct the £5 you paid at BiCon 2005 – so if you want to donate that £5 to the Helping Hand Fund, please just add a £5 donation to your booking form when you submit it.

Those who have been offered assistance under the Helping Hand Fund, please email helpinghand@deleted and let us know that you want to register online. We'll email you back a discount code.

Any questions or problems with the online system, please let us know at bookings@deleted

Helping Hand allocations

Those who applied to the Helping Hand Fund before the deadline have been notified.

Those who applied to the Helping Hand Fund before the deadline have been notified this evening by email.

We are still hoping to help a few people whose applications were a little late.

See you in July!


Can you help us make BiCon 2006 run as smoothly as possible?

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